Greeneville Trip Three; the lost post; notes on Peter Feicht in the 1920 census.

I didn’t do too much in the third trip, as the main reason to do was to capture the photograph of the “Conrad Girdner Obit” (see also here) that is all over the Internet presently. It is an article in the Greeneville Herald of May 1882 and a copy is in the T Elmer Cox library in Greeneville TN.

We did some tax studies in the period 1828-1832 and in the area you mostly find a Barnabas Myers and a Gabriel Myers. I’m pretty sure that Barnabas is the son of William Myers Jr but I’m not 100% sure that Gabriel Myers is the son of William Myers Sr, though I suspect he is. We also picked up a photo of the marriage license of Barnabas Myers.

I note that the old dpjenkins quote re: Myers of the early 18th century in Greene County has disappeared off ancestry and rootsweb. I suspect that it’s gone because of the reference to the now defunct Myers surname project. So, we’ll present the quote absent the stuff that’s no longer relevant.

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There were about 5 different early Myers families in Greene Co., TN before 1810. They are all very difficult to trace before their arrival. Among them were:

1. The Myers on Cove Creek who were akin to the Girdners. This family intemarried with Kochers, Gables, and others. The progenitor is believed to be Wilhelm, aka William Myers, Sr., born approx. 1735 and came from Northhampton Co., PA (now Lehigh) where he was in the Rev. War. Most of these Myers moved on out of Greene Co., TN by the 1830’s.

2. Henry Myers (1777-1843) who married Elizabeth Trobaugh and whose descendants are well documented. There are still many of them in Greene County, TN. Henry had probable brothers who married his wife’s cousins: Frederick Myers (1789-1856) m. Mary Kerbaugh and moved to Harrison Co., IN, and John Myers (ca. 1785-1815) m. Caty Kerbaugh and had two daughters Polly and Eliza Myers I have been unable to trace.

Henry, Frederick & John Myers were likely the sons of Michael Myers (1750 – ?) who owned a farm adjoining Nicholas Trobaugh’s land in Augusta Co., Virginia at the time of Henry Myers marriage to Elizabeth Trobaugh. (Nicholas Trobaugh was the father of Elizabeth Trobaugh.)

This particular Michael Myers was believed to be the son of Frederick Meyer/Myers (1711-ca.1782) who immigrated from Germany in 1741 on the ship “Marlboro.” This family of Myers interacted with the Trobaughs before Nicholas Trobaugh left York Co., PA and after the move to Augusta Co., VA which I think increases the likelihood of a connection.

Frederick Meyer/Myers was the son of Hermann Meyer of Thal Lichtenberg, Kries Kusel, Germany. He married Barbara Schmidt and lived in Bedesbach, Kries Kusel, before the move to Pennsylvania.

3. Adam Myers who had a son named Peter who moved to West Tennessee and applied for a Rev. War Pension mentioning residence in Greene Co., TN.

4. The extremely large Gap Creek Myers family that intermarried with the Couch, Manis/Maness, West, and Rutherford families early on.

5. Henry Myers family who was born ca. 1784 in PA and lived on the Hawkins Co., TN line at Laurel Gap. His children include Anna Myers who married James Gardner.

DNA from male members of these Myers families could help tell if they all have the same remote ancestor. I have had my uncle and a couple of others in my line do this in an effort to get started.

The only factual error I know of in the above is that the part of Penn Township where William Myers lived is now part of Carbon County, not Lehigh. There is a map of his old land presented in this post.

The final comment of note is that the Feicht family, with which I have a very close Y67 match (I believe 65/67) has been associated with Wurrtemberg. Peter Feicht 1840-1921 is known to have come from Germany and in the 1920 US Census, says that he was born in Wurrtemberg.