The Pennsylvania Rambler and other Sugarloaf Massacre stories.

Recently found this link from the Pennsylvania Rambler blog and thought it was interesting. He make no mention of the Tom Varenna article, which predates his, so you can’t be sure he hasn’t read Varenna. That said, as a meditation on how stories change, the blog article is worth a read.

I’ve been trying to track down where George Kocher Sr died. His traditional date of passing is 17 September 1980, and that jibes well with this quote, found in The Pennsylvania Archives, Ser. 1, Vol. 8, (1907) 564-565, and quoted in the Wikipedia article on the burial attempt.

On the first notice of this unfortuned event the officers of the militia have Exerted themselves to get Volunteers out of their Respective Divissions to go up & Burry the Dead, their Labour Proved not in Vain we collected about 150 men & officers Included from the Colonels Kern, Giger & my own Battalions who would undergo the fatique & Danger to go their & pay that Respect to their slautered Brethren, Due to men who fell in support of the freedom of their Country. On the 15th we took up our line of march (want of amunation prevented us from going Sooner) on the 17th we arrived at the place of action, where we found Ten of our Soldiers Dead, Scalped, Striped Naked, & in a most cruel & Barborous manner Tomehawked, their throads Cut, &c. &c. whom we Buried & Returned without even seeing any of these Black alies, & Bloody executors of British Tirany….

There is a skirmish on the 17th and I can only assume that George Kocher Sr died as part of the burial party for the Sugarloaf massacre.

The Wikipedia these days is having articles translated into Youtube videos. The Youtube video of the Sugarloaf Massacre is here.

2 thoughts on “The Pennsylvania Rambler and other Sugarloaf Massacre stories.

  1. The story about the exploits of John Myers capture and escape following the Sugarloaf Massacre can also be found in anecdotal family lore in “History of Maries County” by Everett King starting on page 629. The book is on Family Search. This account starts with Gabriel Myers and talks of his “much older” brother John and how he was held in captivity and that their father was in the Revolution and lived 106 years. The only clinker in this is that the story says the father was George Hutchison, but memories fade. We know that’s William Myers and to me it shows he’s the father of Rachel Myers, who married Joseph Hutchison 1801-1888 and later moved to Maries County MO in 1853. .

    I’ve been reading your blog ever since I found it. Up to this point we did not have much on the Myers family.

    I’d welcome a discussion about the Myers family and the Hutchison connection. I also have a tree on Ancestry under the name Buckeyeb2013. There are several trees there, but the one you want is called “Hutchisons”.

    Bill Hutchison


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