Visit to the genealogy library of Hopkins County TX. Notes on Elias Tidwell Myers (1821 – 1902)

The big genealogist in my family, prior to my uncle Thomas, was Wilbur Thomas Myers. A cousin of mine mentioned he left his genealogy notes to the Hopkins County Genealogical Society of Sulphur Springs TX, and so I visited there just recently. I was hoping I could find some things that would add to my understanding of the Texas Myers, and I did. It also enhanced what I knew about what Wilbur knew, and it allows me to make more sense of this man’s notes.

The first two things to share are excerpts from a book dated 1909.



I suspect that the Captain’s title is honorary, but all that said, the text adds a lot to my understanding of Elias. It gives times, shows that he arrives in Texas a lot wealthier than say, William Myers Jr. He arrives after Texas is a state, and later gets a land grant from the state of Texas on the order of 640 acres.



The final photo I wish to show gives what Wilbur thought was the path through the US of Charles Myers, and later Elias. Note he completely skips Greene County TN. In this telling he goes from PA to Giles County. Later I’m sure he becomes aware of Greene County, but far too late to change this essential story. Wilbur Thomas Myers passed away in 1998, two years before the opening of the T Elmer Cox library in Greene County.


One thought on “Visit to the genealogy library of Hopkins County TX. Notes on Elias Tidwell Myers (1821 – 1902)

  1. Wilbur T. Myers was my uncle. I have a great deal of his genealogical work. I am not sure who made this entry but feel free to contact me to discuss the family history.

    Dorla Martin Salling


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