Voices from down the Brandenburg line.

I have received a couple letters from Lara Day of Wisconsin, a vet and a genetic genealogy fan. I have an autosomal connection to her of 33 centimorgans, and using that and our public tree, found that we are related through the Brandenburgs. Elias Tidwell Myers, son of Charles Myers (1789-1857), married Nancy Ann Brandenburg on the 28th of November, 1839, in Lafayette Missouri.

I tend to think that the payoff for doing this kind of genealogy are the stories you receive, and in this case, Lara has a great one.

I didn’t know about Nancy Ann Brandenburg until I saw her on your tree and looked to see if others had her in the extensive Brandenburg line. I have matched other distant Brandenburg cousins, so we either have sticky segments that get passed down intact through the generations or we have a genetic disposition for genealogy research (or all both). The Brandenburg family has a lot of interesting history, some fact and some fiction. As a child, I remember my Grandmother telling me we were German royalty. As I got older, I found out we were supposedly descended from the Hohenzollern line (Frederick I and Frederick II “The Great”). During the late 1800s, a large number of the Brandenburg family met to plan on how to get their part of the estate in Germany. There are letters upon letters how money was collected for the supposed legal fees to get part of the estate supposedly worth $10,000,000. Sounds like the old fashioned version of the email scams we get in Spam. The scam was restarted in the 1900s, so more people gave money hoping for riches. Who knows how this rumor of Royalty got started, but it isn’t true, but the belief persists today. The truth is Matthias came over from The Palatinate sometime before 1764 when he married Hester Wolgamot (differing spellings) in then Frederick Co Maryland. They proceeded to have a large family and moved to VA then KY. Matthias was not a soldier in the Revolutionary War, but did supply leather goods to the Continental Army, so many have used this in their applications to DAR. Your ancestor, Samuel Brandenburg, was Matthias and Hester’s 6th child, born in VA and followed the rest of the family to KY. A younger brother, Solomon, started a ferry service in KY to cross the Ohio River. This ferry service prospered and a town was formed which became the Meade County seat. Matthias had died after a fall from a horse, and his widow Hester, moved with her son Solomon. She is buried on a hillside overlooking the Ohio river and her tombstone is in remarkably good condition.

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