Charles Myers Sr, his children, and the move to Giles County.

I recently purchased a set of disks from Giles County. They include various records. There are court minutes, deeds, etc. I’ll note I see no sign of Charles Myers or Charles Myers Jr before 1820. There are a fair number of records of the both of them after 1820, largely being part of a local jury. Of course, Charles Myers Sr and Jr are in the 1820 census, located in Giles County.


I am perhaps half way through disk 1, looking for land deeds. I’ve seen two, one in 1831 and one in 1834. No luck finding records before 1820 so far.

I’m doing this in part because I’m curious about the placement of Margaret Myers in Giles County in 1812, given that Charles Myers serves in Allison’s Regiment, which was a East Tennessee militia, recruited in part from Greene County and serving from Jan 1814 to May 1814. There are 9 militia regiments that recruited from Giles County. Why didn’t he serve in one of those? So, for now, I’m assigning Margaret to a birth in Greene County.

Second, Elizabeth Myers, supposedly born in 1817. It seems peculiar he is given guardianship of an orphan minor named Elizabeth Myers in the Greene County courts in 1815 and suddenly has a same named child in 1817. I’m not entirely sure how that works.

I think a better date needs to be established for the move of Charles Myers Sr from Greene to Giles County. I’m pretty certain it’s complete by 1820, but I don’t think he leaves until after the business with William Myers Jr’s estate is concluded. And for now, that’s a five year window, 1815-1820.


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