On the birth date of Barnabas Myers, born in the 1790s, Greene Co TN.

The birth date of Barnabas is important, because he is one of five heirs to the estate of William Myers Jr (d ~ 1815), and as such serves as a marker for when William Myers Jr actually is in Tennessee. We’ll show part of the text of the link above, enough to create the necessary context (emphasis mine).

Wednesday April 24,1816 page 208 Greene County Minutes. Andrew Stevens disposes that Charles Myers Jr.,Barnabas (Barney) Myers, Andrew Myers, Jacob Myers,and Elizabeth Myers are the lawfull and only heirs of William Myers Jr.
Tuesday April 15,1815 page 39. Solomon Willhoite was appointed guardian of Barnabas Myers, a minor orphan, George Wells security.
Charles Myers Sr. was appointed guardian of Elizabeth Myers, a minor orphan.
Charles Myers Jr. was appointed guardian of Andrew Myers a minor orphan. I find Andrew all through the early 1800’s being passed from guardian to guardian, because they had to report to the courts. Numerous times he was called Andrew Myers an Idiot by the courts.
Charles Myers Sr.was the administrator of William Myers Jr. estate dated Jan.24,1815. Charles Sr.and Charles Jr. both,purchased items in the estate sale.

So, on April 15, 1815, Barnabas Myers was a minor. In those days, that means he was under 21 years of age. We’re dealing with three potential birth dates here, the one of about 1791, from the 1870 census, the one of about 1795, from the 1850 census, and the date of 18 April 1792, from the gravestone of Barnabas.

Of the three, only the 1795 date would leave Barnabas a minor. Of the five heirs mentioned above, it pretty much has to be assumed that they are William’s children and inherit equally. William probably had no will. Three of the five children are minors, Barnabas, Andrew, and Elizabeth. Charles Jr is supposed to be born in 1792 and would be 23 at this time, and married to Holly (Polly) Hill. I’m not sure about Jacob, who could be older than 21, or perhaps apprenticed at the time.

Documents, such as the ones quoted above, are why I’m planning a trip to Greene County at some point. I’d like to see these particular Greene Co minutes myself.

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