The William Myers Sr will, and the fate of George Kocher Sr.

There are copies of William Myers’s will on the Internet in various places, and I thought I would publish what I have here, just to kill the notion that the William Myers Sr of Greene Co TN is not Captain William Myers of Northampton County PA, but a second person born in Somerset County (that magical place) in 1770. The death blow to those particular trees on Ancestry is that William mentions Magdelene Kocher (born approx 1862) and her daughter Elizabeth in his will.  Why would a man eight years younger care about a revolutionary war widow he’s not related to and is much older than he is?



George Kocher is the man who marries Magdelene, and he is supposed to have died in September 1780 along the Nescopeck. This has prompted a number of folks to conclude that George was killed in the Sugarloaf Massacre proper. And the answer to that is .. no.

George is not part of Captain Van Etten’s company to begin with, and he’s not on the plaque (seen in Tom Varenna’s article ) devoted to the massacre. That doesn’t eliminate him dying in the combat before the massacre, or in the attempt of Capt William Myers to recover his son (i.e. the aftermath), but he clearly did not die in the massacre itself.


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