William Myers Sr – Charles Myers Sr bits and pieces.

I found proof of William Myers Sr’s captaincy. It is here, on this web site.

Second Company, Penn Township.

Notes from an email between my bother and Ron Myers (an ancestry tree manager)

Charles’s Dad, from Wilbur Thomas Myers

Hi Jonathan, I’m not sure who the parents of Charles Myers were. I remember Wilbur Thomas Myers’ info saying that Charles’ father was a Revolutionary War Veteran. That was all that Wilbur knew, and Wilbur is now deceased. I’ve never been able to find out anymore.

Wilbur was a respected Texas Myers expert. William Myers Sr and John Myers are both vets.

Charles in Ky?

We have a cousin, Vivian Peacock, who had this note in her records:  “Although this is not certain, I do have a line in my notes which reads: “Charles was born to a Revolutionary War Veteran in Old Lincoln County, Kentucky”  perhaps this could be a clue as to why we have not been able to find his birth records in Pa.”

Looking for Myers in Lincoln County KY in 1790 (Federal census) yielded no hits. Ky was made a state in 1792. It would still be worth checking again, trying to clean up loose ends. There may be a census equivalent in KY in a short enough time frame to get some background. Charles himself insists he was born in Pennsylvania.

When looking at the 1790 Federal Census, I found this:


To point out the obvious, I can’t eliminate Charles Myers Sr staying at this residence.

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