Taking William Myers Jr and William Myers Sr, Greene Co TN, back to 1805

If you start trying to search for William Myers Jr/Sr on the tax rolls prior to 1812 (and please note that the Greene County census results for 1800 and 1810 are /lost/ and have no replacements), you don’t see them. Well, you don’t see them if you search on the phrase ‘Myers’. But spelling being fluid back then, they can be found. You just have to be a little creative with matching the names.

We previously have shown that the Williams are around in 1812.

I’ll note that on the 1809 tax list William Jr and Sr can be found and are named conventionally.

Though the picture of 1805 we’re going to give is through a search engine, it was easier to search the “paper list” that is online.

But visually, what you see would look like this:


We have highlighted in cyan the most critical entries. There is a William Moiers Jr but no Senior. There is a William Moore Sr but no Junior. In my mind, those two should  be paired. And important for the Artie Myers connection, since he’s related to William Sr through George Myers, who is this George Moyers fellow?

I would love it if the 1798 tax list were online, but it is not. Might have to visit Greene Co to get at that one.


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