The importance of the Greene Co TN Myers, early 19th century

We’ll set the stage with the description of the early 19th century Myers in Greene County by a partial quote from this link by

There were about 5 different early Myers families in Greene Co., TN before 1810. They are all very difficult to trace before their arrival. Among them were:

1. The Myers on Cove Creek who were akin to the Girdners. This family intemarried with Kochers, Gables, and others. The progenitor is believed to be Wilhelm, aka William Myers, Sr., born approx. 1735 and came from Northhampton Co., PA (now Lehigh) where he was in the Rev. War. Most of these Myers moved on out of Greene Co., TN by the 1830’s.

This dovetails with the following comment by Sandra Houston:

The 1809-1817 Tax List for Greene Co., TN listed the following Myers’: Christopher, Henry, Henry Jr., Jacob, John, Michael, Peter, William Sr., William Jr.

William Sr along with a William Jr, can be found in the 1812 tax rolls of Greene County:


Those who have read this blog will know that there are a pair of Myers, named Charles, who follow each other from Greene County TN to Giles County TN to Van Buren (later Cass) County MO. We know from DNA studies that descendants of William Myers Sr and “our” Charles are related. And this post from Wayne Myers shows the interrelationship between the Charles pair and William Myers Jr.

This is what I have, Charles Myers Sr.married Rebeckah Williams, April 3,1811 in Greene Co. Tennessee. Wednesday April 24,1816 page 208 Greene County Minutes. Andrew Stevens disposes that Charles Myers Jr.,Barnabas (Barney) Myers, Andrew Myers, Jacob Myers,and Elizabeth Myers are the lawfull and only heirs of William Myers Jr.
Tuesday April 15,1815 page 39. Solomon Willhoite was appointed guardian of Barnabas Myers, a minor orphan, George Wells security.
Charles Myers Sr. was appointed guardian of Elizabeth Myers, a minor orphan.
Charles Myers Jr. was appointed guardian of Andrew Myers a minor orphan. I find Andrew all through the early 1800’s being passed from guardian to guardian, because they had to report to the courts. Numerous times he was called Andrew Myers an Idiot by the courts.
I don’t know the relation between Charles Myers Sr.and Charles Myers Jr. I can only guess that Charles Sr. was an Uncle. If thats the case, Charles Myers Sr.and William Myers Jr. were brothers. I have the same problem with my ggggrandfather William Myers Sr. William Jr. was not an heir in his will.
Barnabas Myers married Rebecca Benson May 13,1819 in Greene Co,Tn. He paid taxes on 93 acres on Cove Creek,Greene 1830. He was commissioner of Turnpike road in 1831. 1830 Census Barney was 30 to 40 years old with 6 daughters,3 under 5 y/o, 2-5 to 10 y/o,and 1-10 to 15 y/o,and his wife 30 to 40 y/o. Then in 1850 census in Nodaway Co.Missouri page 782 house 273. Barnabas Myers 55 born in Tenn.Rebecca Myers 55 born in Virginia, Almia A.S.Myers 18 born in Tenn,Jane B.Myers 17 born in Tenn,Sarah D.A.Myers 12 born in Missouri.
Charles Myers Sr.1820 Giles Co,Tenn. also there was Searles Myers Jr,Ashar Myers,Marmaduke Myers,and Thomas Myers. Charles Mires 011101-10101-0, 1820 Lawrence Co.Tenn.census. The only child listed in LDS of Charles Myers and Rebecca Williams is Elias Tidwell Myers, born in Giles Co.Tn died in Dallas Co.Texas.
Charles Myers Sr.was the administrator of William Myers Jr. estate dated Jan.24,1815. Charles Sr.and Charles Jr. both,purchased items in the estate sale.
Charles Myers got a Tennessee land grant Oct 1,1813 for 19 acres. Happy hunting Wayne Myers

A correction to the above is that I believe Charles Jr married Rebecca. I would suggest that the 1840 MO census results leaned that way. Our family records show more children of Charles Myers, Jr than listed here.

Now, because Charles Myers Sr is an administrator of William Myers Jr’s estate, Neil Myers tells me that there is no will. I’d like more documentation of the William Myers Jr estate sale.

If we can assume that Barnabas Myers is the son of William Myers, Jr, then for Barnabas to be born in TN in 1795, William had to be there at the time. If Charles Jr is the son of William Jr, then he is in TN by the age of six at least, perhaps earlier. Even if he’s just a cousin of William Jr, then the notion that the Williams and the Charles traveled as a group is still appealing.

I have an email from Rayedene Graves where she gives an excerpt of a travel story of the Girdners. They leave Northampton County in 1792 along with a couple brothers in law, one of which was a Myers. So this Northamption to Greene migration was going on by the early 1790s.

My gut feeling is that unlocking Pennsylvania will require unlocking Greene County TN. And I don’t think we unlock Greene Co TN without more Y DNA studies from descendants of the critical Cove Creek Myers.

Update – my assumption, that “our” Charles is Charles Myers Jr,  can be disproved by data from Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Cass County Missouri.

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