NC Myers and TN Myers. Weaving it together into a speculative whole.

I was looking through my Dad’s autosomal records, looking for Myers to ask to do a YDNA test, if they were not exactly in our line. I was hoping to find another Ross David Myers or Artie Myers, because DNA analysis doesn’t act vertically on the known relatives, it acts horizontally, it parallelizes the search because you find close relatives you never expected.

Neil O. Myers is a distant autosomal match of my Dad’s, a 7 cM segment of DNA shared with him. Not shared with me. But vastly important is that he is a direct descendant of John Myers 1712 who married Ann Bruce, and even more so, had a defined haplotype.

Neil’s haplotype is R-YP639, which is significant as it’s a subclade of R1a. I’m R-By15581, a subclade of R1b. R1a and R1b do not mix. So we now have definitive DNA evidence that John Myers of NC born 1942 (maybe) died 1826 in Mississippi is not part of the John Myers/Ann Bruce tree.

Neil, btw, has a book on the SC Myers, which Ross has purchased and looks pretty good.

In the meantime I heard from Rayedene Graves, Artie Myers’s relative and guardian of his DNA data, and it was really great stuff she had to say.

Artie is a descendant of George Myers. George Myers is the link to NC, and his father is, by her telling of the tale, the son of Captain William Myers, the one who dies in 1923 in Greene Co TN. That makes him the William Myers Sr so often spoken of in Green Co lore (see comments on this article). Charles Myers is thus related to George Myers who is on record as saying his dad was Captain William Myers. And the William Myers’s are all in Greene Co. And comments by other folks that they moved most likely as a family group are perhaps more realistic now.

If you try to look up William Myers d 1823 on Ancestry trees, you find a ton of folks who mention a William Myers b 1770 Somerset Co (that county again) and have him die in 1823. I guess they missed the 1815 death notice.  If the 1770 figure is correct, it’s not for William Sr, but rather for William Jr.

So please indulge me a little bit. Let’s suggest that “our” Charles is literally the Charles Jr mentioned in William Myers Jr’s will, and that he is born in 1789 in Somerset County PA. That would make the putative father, William jr, about 19 years old. Charles Myers Sr would be a brother of William Jr, who because of 1840 US census data (Van Buren Co, MO), had to be born between 1781 and 1788.  Then Charles Jr is the one who marries Rebecca, in this telling. What isn’t clear is the relationship between William Sr and Jr, and it is possible that a brother of William Sr is the father of William Jr.

And if this is all true, then the connection between the Williamses is proven by the Y37 match between Artie, myself, and my dad.

This isn’t the only way these data can be interpreted, but with more facts, the story just seems to get better and better.

Update – my assumption, that “our” Charles is Charles Myers Jr,  can be disproved by data from Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Cass County Missouri.

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