The Feicht connection, and a possible census timeline of Charles Myers

A cut out of my closest Y-DNA matches are below.


The importance of Peter Feicht is not to be underestimated. He can be shown to be a German immigrant, and other information indicates he is from Würrtemberg Germany.

This is important because there are a ton of German immigrants from Würrtemberg to Pennsylvania in the 18th century, and the migration of their names from the original German to ‘Myers’ can also be documented.

For example, the book “Pennsylvania German Immigrants 1709-1786” talks about one Georg Balthasar Mayr from that part of Germany. By 1786, the name has mutated to Baltzer Myers, and he’s noted to be in Westmoreland County, with wife Martha, and children James, Ely, Jacob, Lewis, and Christian. The last two names are indicated as single. Balzer is not hard to find in the 1790 census.

Westmoreland is adjacent to Somerset county, where Charles is supposed to be born (in 1789). There are no Myers in Somerset in 1790, but there are three in 1800. A Henry Myers Sr and a Jacob Myers have male children in the right age range to potentially match Charles.

By the way, it needs to be understood that before 1850 or so, the names on the Federal Census list generally consist of men with property. Everyone else is just a number.

In terms of census information on “our” Charles Myers, this is what I see. We know that Charles is down in Green County TN by 1811, because he marries his wife there, and for now, that’s the first real record we have of the man. Then there is service in the 1812 war, and the land grant in Missouri in about 1819. Then in the 1820 census Charles Myers Jr and Charles Myers Sr appear in Giles county. To note, this is half a state away from Green County. Giles is on the Alabama border, while Green County is on the Tennessee border with North Carolina. That noted, Charles’s children are said to have been born in Giles County.

The pair disappear completely in 1830. In 1840 in Missouri, a pair of Charles Myers appear again, in Big Creek, Van Buren, Missouri. The “Jr” is said to be born in about 1789 (Jr and Sr can be seen in the document reproduction itself) and is 51 years old.  The Senior is not matched with a specific age, but there is a male 50-59 in the household. Note that in 1848 Van Buren is renamed Cass County, and it is interesting to speculate on the relationship between these two men. Brothers or cousins, perhaps?

“Our” Charles is in the 1850 census. Married to Rebecca, born in Pennsylvania, With Nancy and Charles W as children. He passes in 1857, and there are photos of his tombstone around.

So many questions abound. Do the Myers of Westmoreland and Somerset counties, PA, have DNA tests? Who is Charles Myers Sr, and are there any known relatives of the man? Do they have DNA tests?

Update -> Southerland to Somerset. The latter really exists.

Update 2 -> Actually, Charles Myers Sr does appear in the 1830 census, but the bots that figured out his name transcribed it into ‘Charles Marwer’.

9 thoughts on “The Feicht connection, and a possible census timeline of Charles Myers

  1. Update. My late uncle, Thomas, was aware of Charles Jr and Charles Sr. Junior was known as “Big Charlie” and Charles Sr was known as “Little Charlie” according to one of Thomas’s sources.


  2. To quote the link above:

    This is what I have, Charles Myers Sr.married Rebeckah Williams, April 3,1811 in Greene Co. Tennessee. Wednesday April 24,1816 page 208 Greene County Minutes. Andrew Stevens disposes that Charles Myers Jr.,Barnabas (Barney) Myers, Andrew Myers, Jacob Myers,and Elizabeth Myers are the lawfull and only heirs of William Myers Jr.
    Tuesday April 15,1815 page 39. Solomon Willhoite was appointed guardian of Barnabas Myers, a minor orphan, George Wells security.
    Charles Myers Sr. was appointed guardian of Elizabeth Myers, a minor orphan.
    Charles Myers Jr. was appointed guardian of Andrew Myers a minor orphan. I find Andrew all through the early 1800’s being passed from guardian to guardian, because they had to report to the courts. Numerous times he was called Andrew Myers an Idiot by the courts.
    I don’t know the relation between Charles Myers Sr.and Charles Myers Jr. I can only guess that Charles Sr. was an Uncle. If thats the case, Charles Myers Sr.and William Myers Jr. were brothers. I have the same problem with my ggggrandfather William Myers Sr. William Jr. was not an heir in his will.
    Barnabas Myers married Rebecca Benson May 13,1819 in Greene Co,Tn. He paid taxes on 93 acres on Cove Creek,Greene 1830. He was commissioner of Turnpike road in 1831. 1830 Census Barney was 30 to 40 years old with 6 daughters,3 under 5 y/o, 2-5 to 10 y/o,and 1-10 to 15 y/o,and his wife 30 to 40 y/o. Then in 1850 census in Nodaway Co.Missouri page 782 house 273. Barnabas Myers 55 born in Tenn.Rebecca Myers 55 born in Virginia, Almia A.S.Myers 18 born in Tenn,Jane B.Myers 17 born in Tenn,Sarah D.A.Myers 12 born in Missouri.
    Charles Myers Sr.1820 Giles Co,Tenn. also there was Searles Myers Jr,Ashar Myers,Marmaduke Myers,and Thomas Myers. Charles Mires 011101-10101-0, 1820 Lawrence Co.Tenn.census. The only child listed in LDS of Charles Myers and Rebecca Williams is Elias Tidwell Myers, born in Giles Co.Tn died in Dallas Co.Texas.
    Charles Myers Sr.was the administrator of William Myers Jr. estate dated Jan.24,1815. Charles Sr.and Charles Jr. both,purchased items in the estate sale.
    Charles Myers got a Tennessee land grant Oct 1,1813 for 19 acres. Happy hunting Wayne Myers


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