gedmatch admixture testing.

Gedmatch allows you to test autosomal data against a variety of autosomal testing tools. The value of this is to see how different reference populations , and different DNA tools, affect the outcome. Some sets of reference populations give very different results when tested.

This is a result using the Eurogenes program and their most popular population model.


This is the result when I use the Harappa World model. This is a population set that favors people of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian ancestry.


Note that if my father were Lebanese and my mother came from the Sudan, this would have been a far better model to pick. I’ve noted in my reading that Americans of African descent often prefer the Harappa World model to the others in the gedmatch set.

The point is, depending on where you come from, the commercial admixtures may or may not best represent what your genetics are. In particular, we’ve already noted there are marked differences in how someone with Micronesian bloodlines is handled by the major commercial services versus Nat Geo’s Genographic Project.

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