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Two summary articles about genetic testing companies.These largely touch on autosomal testing. Autosomal testing is good for about 5-6 generations. After that there are losses. Getting back to the 10th generation, it’s estimated that only 10% of the 1024 predecessors actually contribute autosomal DNA. A number of companies offer autosomal testing.

DNA Explained’s take.

Legal Genealogist’s take

Y-DNA and mtDNA testing go back further. When looking for relatives, DNA techniques examine hypervariable regions and look for matches. The depth of matching is much greater, perhaps 500 years. The search for haplotypes or haplogroups is a much deeper look into the past, and can go back thousands of years.

Mitochondrial DNA is small, a bit more than 16,000 base pairs. The Y chromosome (which, incidentally, is dying on a evolutionary time scale) has over 50 million base pairs.

Y-DNA tests. STR versus SNP. STR tests are hypervariable tests, SNPs are used to determine haplotype.

DNA Explained

Tribal Joyce. This one gives more information about how to compare STR data.

STR probabilities for idiots. Works up to Y67.

STR probabilities for a Y111 comparison.

The R1b problem, by Origin Hunters.

Eupedia on health effects of haplogroup K.

Charles Myers (b 1789) links.

Family Newsletter 101 for folks using it for the first time.

More genealogical links:

Bob’s Genealogy Filing Cabinet can make a lot of colonial era norms a lot simpler, such as how they used Junior and Senior.

18th century German naming customs.

1897 Guam census

German Name Frequencies Online

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