Does oral narrative follow actual fact?

This blog proposes to examine the question in terms of my personal family. Tradition says we’re German. Traditional genealogy can’t get the paternal side of my family past Pennsylvania in the late 18th century. So what are the alternatives, and what do we know so far?

Haplotype- Paternal (ftDNA): R-P312 -> Z39300+ -> R-BY15581

Haplotype- Paternal (Yfull): R-P312 -> R-PH2278

Big Tree Location: Here.

Haplotype-Maternal: K1a3

Tests completed: Nat Geo Genographic 2.0, P312 SNP test suite, DF27 test, Y111, Big Y (also called Y-500 these days).

(Some) YDNA Matches: Look in the FTDNA Myers Group Project, R1b, Haplogroup 5h. Note that new privacy restriction have made it harder to show data in public.You’ll need a ftDNA account and Myers project membership to view these data.

Other matches can be found in ftDNA’s R-ZZ37 project. The match to the Feicht family is now in this project, now that Ysearch has gone away.

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